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Yes I am a photographer you know now I think :-)

My main interest is to explore and share with you what I'm currently learning little by little as a personal diary. That are not only photos but they are experiences and moments of live.

Telling stories is one of my favorite things so ready to start to travel ?

#Nature #Wildlife #Street #Animals #Plants #Culture

More than this, I am a UX Designer, Researcher and strategist and I really love to write books about my work to innovate. I try to turn my research mindset into the photography using my skills to improve my photos.

Ciao ciao :-)



I guide you through learning experiences in phorography

En quete D'image - PODCAST

My podcast to share with you my experience

Not only to share my work (who cares ?) but to learn new things

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Editor: Blurb

From the Italian White Mountains side to the Tasman Sea in Australia you will discover top places to touch clouds in the sky until surfing the waves in a sunny beach.

Ready for the journey ?

This photo book will allow you to travel, discover hidden places in Sydney and prepare for your future trip, ready? All photos are taken during 1 month's trip in Australia. All moments and little streets in this city are framed into this book full of memories. (PDF Format)

The beautiful Great Grey Owl

Just look and be happy :-)



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